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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Top 10 Funds

Top 10 Funds an inter-active no non-sense web-enabled feature of that is purposely designed to attract and retain the attention of all necessary participants investors, advisors and the fundcos.

The Top 10 Funds simply defines, explains and demonstrates the Mutual Fund Market with the Mutual Fund Chart that depicts the top 3 winning and losing categories along with other important and telling details about the liquidity and movement of wealth in, out and and within the entire mutual fund industry.

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There are exactly 53 carefully selected Mutual Fund Categories that are investment grade, rated, ranked and screened on a regular basis in Canada. There are also 10 specific asset classes or sectors to invest in. The top 10 mutual funds in Canada are available by fund category and also by sectors that could also be defined as category indexes. The top ten funds are available upon demand through simple and secure login throughout the Mutual Fund Portal and are especially welcomed  through

Amongst all of the extraordinary amount of funds available in the Canadian market and with a large amount of big and small niche market money managers administering a big chunk of Canada's capital markets. Top 10 funds and the Mutual Fund Chart can really explain what is happening in the mutual fund markets specifically where we can chart historical information readily to anticipate important changes and opportunities beyond other market participant who may generally by and hold as a strategy or status-quot.

Always read a Mutual Fund Prospectus and remember that past performance of any fund may not be indicative of future performance and may not be repeated. The top 10 funds is an excellent resource to help facilitate an Advisor/Client meeting regarding a mutual fund investment portfolio of any type and should not be relied upon solely as actionable advice.

Mutual Fund Categories

Natural Resources Equity || || 2015 Target Date Portfolio || 2020 Target Date Portfolio || Alternative Strategies || Asia Pacific Equity || Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity || Canadian Dividend & Income Equity || Canadian Equity || Canadian Equity Balanced || Canadian Fixed Income || Canadian Fixed Income Balanced || Canadian Focused Equity || Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity || Canadian Income Trust Equity || Canadian Inflation Protected Fixed Inc. || Canadian Long Term Fixed Income || Canadian Money Market || Canadian Neutral Balanced || Canadian Short-Term Fixed Income || Canadian Small/Mid Cap Equity || Canadian Synthetic Money Market || Emerging Markets Equity || European Equity || Financial Services Equity || Global Equity || Global Equity Balanced || Global Fixed Income || Global Fixed Income Balanced || Global Neutral Balanced || Global Small/Mid Cap Equity || Greater China Equity || Health Care Equity || High Yield Fixed Income || International Equity || Japanese Equity || Miscellaneous – Commodity || Miscellaneous – Geographic Equity || Miscellaneous – Income and Real Property || Miscellaneous – Leveraged Funds || Miscellaneous – Other || Miscellaneous – Sector Equity || Miscellaneous – Undisclosed Holdings || North American Equity || Precious Metals Equity || Real Estate Equity || Retail Venture Capital || Science & Technology Equity || Tactical Balanced || U.S. Equity || U.S. Equity || U.S. Money Market || U.S. Small/Mid Cap Equity ||


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